Ophélie Surcouf

Korean Wave Consultant & Author, Tech Writer

I'm a writer from France living all over the world to write about Korea, tech and pop-culture.
I offer consulting, monitoring and training to companies on the Korean Wave global phenomenon. Gen Z, in particular, is already passionate about K-Dramas, K-Pop, Webtoons, K-Fashion and K-Beauty, while a growing older audience is getting interested in them.
How did Korea manage to transform its culture into a brand image - and create a Korean dream?


  • Book : Squid Game, les règles du jeu pour mieux comprendre la série
    Published in April 2022
    Analysis and exploration of the most watched Netflix show in the world.

    Summary: When Squid Game hit Netflix in September 2021, it took the world by storm. Its unique colorful visuals contrasted deeply with the dark social and political message they carried. The atypical show broke all the platform records and was soon on everyone's lips. Had Hwang Dong-yeok, the director, found the receipe to a global phenomenon? The questions was on all lips but, as innovative as the show may seem to the Western eye, Squid Game used many elements of the creative energy that South Korea has been cultivating... for the last 30 years!
    With Squid Game as a guiding thread, Ophelie Surcouf takes us on a journey into the culture, history and spirit of the Land of the Morning Calm. Discover this exhaustive overview, essential to better understand the series and its success, but also to broaden your k-culture horizons.

    Published by Gründ Hors Collection.
  • WaAU Team (Architecture Competition)
    Consultant Communication & Korean Culture
    Jan 2022 - March 2022
    Participated with WaAU team (architecture agency) to the 2025 Osaka Expo Korea Pavilion Theme/Concept Competition.
    🏆 Won 2nd Prize.

    First Stage:
    • Actively advised the team at the ideation level. Found pop-culture references, gave feedback and participated to the conversation around the Korean cultural aspect of the pavilion.

    Second Stage:
    • Facilitated the relationship between the international team and the Korean partners in Seoul
    • Facilitated part of the trip to Seoul
    • Advised the team about Korean culture
    • Wrote and Edited the final text for the 20 page proposal
    • Wrote the script and recorded the voice for a concept video
    • Prepared the final defense
    • Presented the project in front of the jury in Seoul
  • Book : Pourquoi la Corée ?
    Published in October 2021
    Research, interviews and stories on why foreigners all around the world are engaging so deeply with Korean pop culture content.

    Summary : How did the Korean wave reach the entire world in barely 20 years ? What is it in this current that fascinates people from all origins and all ages in K-pop, K-dramas, K-movies, K-food or K-beauty ? Why did it become a new promised land for millions of fans all over the planet - to the point they lean the language, watch videos and get into Korean history and traditions ?
    In this book, they are 13 to share this dream, from Chile to Israel, through France, the USA and, of course, Korea.

    Published by l'Atelier des Cahiers
  • Freelancer (Science & Vie, Heidi News, Korii, Phosphore)
    Tech Journalist
    Apr 2020 - Current
    I write feature articles about tech and science all over the world.

    Here are a few of my personal interests:
    • VR, AR, Mixed reality
    • Future of travel (on earth, in the sky or in space)
    • South Korea awesome tech ecosystem
    • Digital nomads and the remote work grand transition
    • Weird (but cool) gadgets

    Most Recent Online Work
    Science & Vie
    Heidi News
  • K-Society
    Co-creator, Journalist and Editor
    March 2019 - ongoing
    K-Society analyses Korean society through its culture - mainly tv shows (K-dramas), movies and lifestyle. The magazine is published every three months. Writing of deep-dive feature articles on Korean culture, interviews with key actors in the industry and reviews of Korean TV shows.
    In charge of organizing, directing and hosting Livestreams with the community on Twitch.

  • Science & Vie
    Science & Tech Journalist
    Jan 2020 - March 2020
    Full-time junior reporter writing feature articles for the monthly magazine Science & Vie - the first science print publication in France.

    All work at Science & Vie
  • Freelancer (Science & Vie, Korii, The Asia Times, Numerama, La Revue des Médias, Maddyness, Eglises d'Asie, Billboard, Startup Guide)
    Journalist in Seoul
    Nov 2018 - Dec 2019
    Feature articles on new technologies and popular culture in french and english.

    Click if you're curious about:
  • Lycée Français de Séoul
    Workshop Teacher
    March 2018
    For a journalism week event, I was invited to hold various workshops to classes from primary school to highschool levels. We covered how to make a magazine with the youngest and how to research sources and spot fake news with older students.

    Lycée Français de Séoul
  • Le Figaro
    Video Journalist
    Oct 2017 - Oct 2018
    As a video journalist for the news website of Le Figaro - the first news website in France -, I curated, filmed and edited videos daily.

    My team taught me to handle every step of the production process, from filming on the field with a large array of conditions and equipments, to editing and animating the footage. I also created and directed livestreams weekly for five months.

    Highlights of that year were:

    All work at Le Figaro
  • Freelancer (Science & Vie, Numerama)
    Journalist in Seoul
    Aug 2016 - June 2017
    First journalism hire while studying in Seoul.

    Writing of multiple long-forms for Science & Vie and Science & Vie Junior on Virtual Reality and the futuristic city of Songdo. Curation of a beginner's guide to Korean tv shows and coverage of Busan Film Festival for Numerama.
  • Science & Vie
    June 2016 - Aug 2016
    Two month intership for the print magazine during the Pokemon Go summer. Wrote a seven pages feature piece on how AR and VR technologies are meant to change how we perceive the world (in many years).
  • i-Tourisme / Tourmag
    Jan 2015 - March 2015
    Three month internship during which I wrote various article and interviews popularizing tech to tourism professionals.
    • Assumed the chief-editor role for a week over the website
    • Covered two press trips (travel blogger convention in Corsica and tourism convention in Deauville)


  • School 42
    42Lisboa, Lisbon
    2021 - current
    Learning how to code Fullstack. Mostly coding in C and C++ at the moment. Exploring HTML, CSS and Javascript.
    Did the entry bootcamp (The Piscine) in December 2020.

  • Professional Bachelor in Journalism
    Ecole Publique de Journalisme de Tours
    2015 - 2017
    One year exchange in Sungkyunkwan University in Seoul with the EPJT school.
  • Master 1 in Publishing and Visual Contents
    Paris - Sorbonne IV
    2014 - 2015
    Thesis: Is Harry Potter fanfiction an augmented form of writing?
  • Bachelor in Modern Litterature
    Paris- Sorbonne IV
    2012 - 2014


  • Asiandramas
    Aug 2012 - ongoing
    Review blog about Korean, Japanese, Chinese and Taïwanese tv shows. In its glory days, the blog had 8000 unique visitors every month, 70% of that trafic being returning members of the community.

    Asiandramas.fr // (older version)
  • TEDxZurich
    December 2019
    Volunteer for one of the TedXZurich events.
    Helped prepare the event, then managed a booth dedicated to an augmented reality project with the organizers.
  • Time Travelers Relax Guesthouse
    Volunteer in Seoul
    Nov 2019 - Jan 2020 // March 2020
    Welcoming guests, giving advice as to where to visit, organising the booking system, taking care of cleaning, beds and laundry.

  • Tautavel's Archeological Excavation Site
    June 2013
    Two weeks of volunteering at South of France excavation site of Tautavel. Daily morning classes on archeology, followed by classification and sorting of materials. Afternoon excavation sessions at the nearby cave (fine work with brushes, little nails and hammers).
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